GemCave DIG

v0.9 BETA

Lets go digging for gems! What will you find? A small chipped emerald or a huge perfect diamond?

Welcome to the first GemCave NFT - DIG - a collectible rare gem themed NFT collection that is the first to use the new on-chain GemCave NFT technology.

50000Gems dugLeft to dig

Gem Attributes

When you mint your gem, the following attributes are selected randomly.


Trillion Round Radient Heart Marquise Oval Princess


Ruby Emerald Sapphire Topaz Diamond Amethyst Zircon Citrine Heliodor Enchanted


Chipped Flawed Flawless Gilded Perfect


100 ct 200 ct 300 ct 500 ct 1000 ct 1540 carat

Mint a gem

COST: 1 billion GEMS. Ready to get digging? Make sure you own at least 1 billion GEMS or have a free NFT ticket.

Click Connect Wallet, verify the connection with your wallet, then click Mint and approve the transaction to have a GemCave NFT minted and saved into your wallet.

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You dug out a gem!
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Mint Transaction Failed!

Try increasing the transaction gas limit by 50% - remember unused gas is returned to you!

The Gem Gallery

Check our some of the gems that have been dug up in the GemCaves recently...


See gems owned by a certain wallet here:

Buy & sell GemCave NFTs

You can sell, trade and list your GemCave NFTs on the following NFT marketplaces (more coming soon!)

What makes GemCave NFTs special?

Did you know that most NFTs minted have already gone offline? Most NFTs require external hosting being maintained and paid for otherwise the NFT data is lost forever. This external NFT data can also be modified or deleted at any time, meaning your NFTs are not as safe as you may think.

There are midway attempts that use IPFS but this does not verify the integrity of your NFT data in line with the blockchain, nor does it promise forever storage.

GemCave has solved these issues and releases an entirely on-chain NFT system built of 7 custom bespoke coded smart contracts that interact to form an entirely on-chain, immutable and permanent NFT minting, generating and storage solution.

View the GemCave DIG Contract Source Code

100% on-chain 100% immutable 100% permanent